In this video we tell about how to cure the Alopecia.
What is Alopecia? And how to Treat Alopecia Areata?
Why Alopecia ?
Reasons of Alopecia?
Step by Step instruction to cure and proper treatment of Alopecia Areata.
Alopecia and hair fall in similar to each other but difference is that in hair fall hair drop in all head but in alopecia , spot baldness drop hair in specific part of head , beard or mustaches.

yai video un logon k lia banai gai hai jo baal khora marz ki waja se preshan hain.
baal khora waly logon k lia sunehri tofha.
TIB-E-AKBAR channel apki ki khidmat mai paish karta hai baal khora ka tib ki nuqta nazar ma ilaj.
nuskhy ko video ma di gai hadayat k mutabiq istimal karain or baal khora ki marz se azadi hasil karain.

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