Black Woman Bald Hair Loss Hairline Lowering Edges Before After Hair Transplant Dr. Diep 1 Year Follow Up with a patient who had a significance hair loss. The results from the before and after demonstrate how lowering the edges of a hairline can make a difference.

The goals for excellent hairline restoration transplant surgery are naturalness and density. With the advent of new instruments and hair surgery techniques, these two goals can easily achieved by a skillful surgeon. The early hair transplant mantra was to establish high mature hairline so that as the clients age their hairline naturally recedes. However, some hair surgeons have created the hairline extremely high, beyond the normal and natural looking level. The idea of mature hairline is acceptable as long as it is not so high to look abnormal, drawing more undo attention. Hairline restoration is an art form, requiring not only surgical skills, but also artistic and aesthetic details to ensure natural and dense result. As an innovator and artist, through many years of experience, performing thousands of surgeries, studying, observing and measuring thousands of hairlines, Dr. Diep has concluded that the hairline should be created not only through the average height from the eyebrows to the average hairline level for each ethnicity, but also build the unique hairline for each individual facial structure as well. Each person has his own unique hairline which fits his facial structure, at an estimated level which frames the face proportionally, dividing the face into 3 portions evenly. To frame the face evenly, the estimated levels from the hairline to the mid eyebrows, the length from the mid glabella to the tip of the nose and the measurement from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin should all be roughly equal. Dr. Diep has discovered through his observations and studies of thousands of people throughout the world, the average height of Asian and African hairline is around 6.5cm to 7.5cm, Hispanic and Middle Eastern hairline is about 7cm-8cm and Caucasian hairline estimated around 7.5cm-8.5cm. Again, this is only the average estimation of each ethnicity hairline. Not everyone fits the average hairline. It is important to reiterate that Dr. Diep builds the hairline not only depending on each individual ethnicity, but also create the hairline for each individual facial structure at a level which can divide the face into three even portions.

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