This video is the art of hair transplant and restoration surgery result for 1 year post op with before and after photos. Our client had a scalp lowering procedure done, resulting in a big linear scar in the front of the head. Because they did it so low there was no artistic side to it to, they ended up putting a balloon to try to raise up her forehead at the hairline again. This is a 8 months follow and in 1 year her hair will look more dense. There is a whole artistry in creating the hairline you can not just put the hair on and think it will look good. If you look carefully at the before picture there is a linear scar and a high hairline. The doctor lowered the hairline and brought in the temple.
The one method is called the traditional β€œStrip” harvesting and the other is FUE. Strip harvesting involves cutting a strip of skin in the back of your head and dissects it down under a microscope to each individual follicle before transplanting one graft at a time into the bald spot. The PRO for strip harvesting are: cheaper than FUE, move more hair at one time, called mega session performing up to 6,000 grafts per session per day and 5%-15% better yield than FUE method in term of harvesting and growth. The CON for Strip harvesting are: a little bit more invasive, possible numbness and a small line of scar in the back of the head.

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