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Hair loss and hair thinning in most cases come from internal causes. Even if there are environmental factors involved they will effect health and body balance from within because of the extra stress and strain on the immune system from free radicals and other potential toxic elements.

Hair loss is a sign something is wrong internally. Blood Tests for Treatments for Hair Loss should include:

• Iron
• Thyroid
• Blood sugar
• Vitamin D
• B12

It is a good idea to mention to your GP that you are concerned about hair loss to ensure all elements related to hair loss are tested. Always ask for a copy of your blood tests results for your records and to bring along to your Trichologist, your doctor will read your results for health and your Trichologist will read them for things associated with hair loss, long term hair thinning and poorly growing hair.

It is also a good idea to ask your GP to include all past blood test results on your report as this makes it clear and easy to read health history and if any fluctuations or continuous lows are present. When there are lows, deficiency or health problems please ensure regular blood tests to be sure, at least every 6 months is recommended.

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