Brush Therapy Hair Loss Treatments

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Hair Loss Treatments to be applied topically are more effective when the scalp is prepared and cleaned properly. Scalp Brush Therapy performed prior to topical Hair Loss Treatments is a simple way to ensure you get the best from topical Hair Loss Treatments.

Scalp Brush Therapy assists the following functions before Hair Loss Treatments:
• Scalp skin exfoliation
• Scalp stimulation
• Scalp oil removal
• Increase scalp circulation
• Removes scalp scale

Scalp Brush Therapy for Hair Loss Treatments or for normal hair washing should only be performed directly before your hair washing regime and you should only ever use a Scalp Cleanser to wash your scalp, not a hair shampoo.

Scalp is skin, hair is a fiber. Would you wash your face with a hair shampoo?

Always get a correct qualified diagnosis before choosing your Hair Loss Treatments.

Yours in Healthy Hair and Hair Loss Treatments,
Kind Regards,

Carolyn Evans I.A.T.
Absolique Hair Health Clinic

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