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Matthew McConaughey has been the subject of hair loss discussions more than probably any other hair loss celebrity in the past five years. Everyone says he’s had a hair transplant and a hair loss website even had someone claim to know and confirm the truth. Joe Tillman puts the rumors to rest by not only telling you the truth about Matthew McConaughey and his hair transplant but he shows you the evidence that proves the facts.

Celebrity hair transplant rumors and speculation is the last thing that hair transplant patients should concern themselves with. Joe Tillman talks about how many celebrities with great hair might not actually have great hair. Joe Tillman also talks about how the insiders work to make A list celebrities look the best they can possible look for the cameras.

There are hair loss photos of Matthew McConaughey in 1999 when he got arrested in Texas. Photos available online from years later show that Matthew McConaughey’s hairline got a lot better as he aged so he obviously had a celebrity hair transplant. This is what everyone thinks. You have no idea how many famous actors have great hair because of makeup and wigs. It is far more common than you realize and Matthew McConaughey is an actor that has a very surprising truth regarding his hair.

Joe Tillman, the Hair Transplant Mentor™, shows the evidence and explains how the whole Hollywood image machine works when it comes to celebrities with hair loss. Even celebrities that DO NOT have hair loss have to use concealers and even wigs from time to time for various reasons.

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