Jkissa wanted a change with her hair color. She wanted to move from her golden blonde to silver hair. Since her hair is already been pre-lighten I don’t want to compromise the integrity of her hair so I used Olaplex to prevent breakage and repair broken bonds from lightening process and heat. Do you like the end result? Comment below

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Products used:
Olaplex No.1
Olaplex No.2
Olaplex No.3

Guy Tang Favorites Silver Metallics 8SM and 10SM Demi with 9 vol developer and 1 inch of Kenra 5VR
www.GuyTangHairBattle.com get your tickets for the LIVE Event on Feb 20 – http://bit.ly/1K6JTuM

Framar Foils Pre-Cut foils and coloring brushes http://www.framarinternational.com

Embee Meche Rapunzel Sheets- http://embeemeche.com

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