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The first step to successful Hair Loss Treatments is correct diagnosis. There is a big difference between hair loss and hair thinning and the hair cycle need to be understood to ensure Hair Loss Treatments address all symptoms and causes at the same time in combination therapy.

The microscope is the best way to read the hair cycle and always from the back of the head (terminal area) well away from any area that could be effected by pattern thinning. Hair loss related to the hair cycle and health is commonly misinterpreted, misdiagnosed and mistreated resulting in limited or no results from Hair Loss Treatments.

Hair Health Check for Hair Loss Treatments should uncover:
β€’ Your genetic hair strand type
β€’ Your hair density
β€’ Your health history
β€’ Your hair history
β€’ Function of your hair cell and hair cycle
β€’ Scalp condition
β€’ Presence or absence of pattern thinning

Analyzing all these elements gives rise to an accurate diagnosis and scientific explanation of the etiology, symptoms, causes and possible outcomes from various Hair Loss Treatments options. Health is also considered as it is essential to have a healthy body to grow healthy hair and even more so when there are hereditary factors involved.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic β€˜Hair Health Check’ service is AU$200, takes up to 75 minutes and includes consultation, microscopic diagnosis, science based explanation and hair loss treatments options and plan. Please don’t wash your hair for 2 days prior to 1st microscope Hair Health Check appointment. If you cannot visit us in clinic (Brisbane and Sydney, Australia), we do offer Skype and phone service where you would have to gather all the images required and email them prior to your appointment. Skype and phone service is becoming very popular and we will email instructions to you.

Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic by email or call our main Brisbane office on 07 3229 3242.

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