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Why Scalp Brush Therapy? Scalp is Skin!
Do you exfoliate the skin on your face or body? Well it is the same for your scalp skin.
Before you wash your hair next time consider this, scalp is skin, and your trying to wash away scalp scale, scalp oil and scalp dandruff with a Hair Shampoo!
Preparing the Scalp prior to washing your scalp skin with Scalp Brush Therapy is a simple effective way to ensure proper scalp cleansing to enhance topical hair loss treatments and proper hair growth.
Scalp Brush Therapy will stimulate the scalp skin, exfoliate the scalp skin, lifting scalp scale and scalp dandruff away from the scalp. Scalp Brush Therapy also stimulates the oil gland attached to the hair follicle, so the oil spills onto the surface of the scalp skin. Does not sound so nice, but imagine, all that scalp scale, scalp oil and scalp dandruff, can now be effectively washed away with a Scalp Clenaser NOT a Hair Shampoo.
Additionally, Scalp Brush Therapy stimulates the arector pili muscles attached to the hair follicles and in turn, the blood supply, so you are in effect, feeding you hair bulb, creating cellular energy and flushing out unwanted oil all at the same time.
Scalp Brush Therapy is simple to do, as seen in the video, and should only ever be done prior to Scalp Cleansing. You certainly don’t want all of that debris left sitting on your scalp skin. It mus be washed away as soon as possible with a Scalp Cleanser.
Scalp Brush Therapy is fantastic for those suffering oily hair problems. In most oily hair cases, they can go an extra day without washing, this is a big deal if you have to wash your hair everyday because of oily hair problems.
Scalp Brush Therapy should take no longer than 1-2 minutes before you feel the warmth or tingling sensation on your scalp skin, and or the scalp oil spreading through the hair.
Please remember, the old wives tail of ‘100 brush strokes a day for healthy hair’, is wrong! So Wrong!
Yours in Healthy Hair,
Carolyn Evans I.A.T. Trichologist
Absolique Hair Health Clinic

Absolique Hair Health Clinic

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