Hair Loss Treatments HomeCare Female Pattern Thinning Part 5

Last but not least, is the application of Minoxidil. Minoxidil is used to stop the constriction the DHT has caused to the hair bulb, so the hair effected by Female Pattern Thinning and Male Pattern Thinning can return to their original terminal size, over time, and with combination therapy. Personally, I choose to use and recommend only 5% Minoxidil with 5% Saw Palmetto in a carrier lotion, rather that the typical formulations with the irritant Propylene Glycol. Minoxidil without Propylene Glycol required the natural preparation of the scalp, that we have taken you through in this series of HomeCare Videos Part 1-5. Please go and view the other videos if you have missed and of the Parts. By preparing the scalp naturally, you can omit nasty irritant ingredients, apply less Minoxidil per application, and only need to apply on the days you wash your hair, rather than the typical 2 x a day applications other products require.
Minoxidil must be applied to a dry scalp, as any moisture will dilute the 5% which is required to take effect. Always use a hair dryer, as you want the effect of the Scalp Tonique (Scalp Freeze) to be active,plus the open channels from Microneedle Therapy with your Scalp Roller. Once Minoxidil is applied, do not wet the scalp, exercise or create heat on the scalp for 2 hours, also wait 1/2 hour after applying Minoxidil before going to bed. Do the HomeCare regime at best time of day to suit you and your lifestyle following these guidelines.
DHT Blockers are required if you have been diagnosed by a hair specialist, Trichologist, with Female Pattern Thinning or Male Pattern Thinning. There is no point using Minoxidil topically if you don’t block the DHT from attaching to the Androgen Receptors internally.
As a Trichologist, I am a natural therapist, and only endorse Natural Supplements to stop the DHT from binding. I find most prescription medications cause systemic changes, which are not helping the body, there for can effect hair growth.
Natural Supplements including Natural DHT Blockers require the body to be in an alkaline state to effectively be digested,absorbed and transported to the target site. so pH testing is absolutely essential, or you are wasting your time and money.
I also understand, from studying Nutrition 3 times so far in my career (to keep updated) that the body requires some simple essential nutrients for our cells to function correctly. The bare minimum you must provide to your body is; 60 Essential Minerals from a colloidal plant derived source, Essential Fatty Acids from a potent EFA Krill Complex supplement. These Essential Nutrients will not be as effective if your body is not in an alkaline state.
Armed with my video microscope, I have tracked the measurable changes and improvement of hair health, hair growth, hair regrowth and correction of hair cycle problems by simply providing the body with the alkaline state it needs and simple Essential Nutrients which are missing from our food chain.
As I promote pH testing and alkalizing, I offer tried and tested simply ways to alkalize.
Please contact me if you require further information of help with your HomeCare, pH health or need to get an accurate diagnosis.
Yours in Healthy Hair,
Carolyn Evans I.A.T. Trichologist
Absolique Hair Health Clinic

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