– At the ISHRS2016 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery World Hair Transplant Congress, Mike Doria from Fox5 Las Vegas visited with renowned hair loss expert and ABHRS-certified Hair Restoration Physician Dr. Alan J. Bauman from Boca Raton, Florida to discuss the latest and greatest methods of hair loss diagnosis, non-invasive treatments and hair transplantation. Hats don’t cause hair loss, but your genetics and hormones do. Hair loss is a chronic and progressive condition that gets worse without treatment, but treatments today are extremely effective.

Early evaluation and treatment will help men and women keep and enhance their own living and growing hair. Diagnostic tools like HairCam a iPhone dermoscopy device and the HairCheck, a Hair Mass Trichometer, are amongst the ways to detect, diagnose and monitor hair loss, hair thinning and hair breakage so treatments can begin before hair loss is noticeable to the naked eye. Once hair loss is noticeable, more than 50% of the hair is already gone. Oral medications finasteride, topical medications minoxidil, autologous PRP platelet rich plasma, low level laser therapy and more can be used to protect the existing hair. If follicles are “dead and gone,” the modern no-scalpel, no-stitch hair follicle harvesting methods called FUE allow for a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure when performed properly that’s as comfortable as it is undetectable. Combinations of artistry and technology allow a small number of modern board-certified and artistically talented surgeons from across the globe to create natural hair transplant results that are permanent.

For more information about hair loss and effective medical treatments that Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D. provides to his patients, including PRP, compounded medications, FUE hair transplants with NeoGraft and ARTAS robotic system, visit

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