HOW I STOPPED HAIR LOSS – HUGE New Discoveries || Dmitry Tamoikin || Also watch my previous videos on hair loss:

✦ “WHY I WILL CAUSE HAIR LOSS” Experiment is Over!
✦ WHY I WILL CAUSE HAIR LOSS – After I Grew All My Hair Back?
✦ HAIR LOSS: How I Stopped It Naturally – for Men & Women!

✦ RUSSIAN version | РУББКАЯ вСрсия:


✦ Microplastics found in 93% of bottled water:

✦ Most People Consume Plastic on a Daily Basis

✦ Links to the brushes in the video:


Declan Currie: “Again awesome video. Used your techniques for a while now and it really does slow down hair loss. Only thing is when I have a sugar binge it sheds like mad. Stay away from processed sugar !!! Thanks again”

All statements in this video are opinions. Act at your own risk.

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