How to Use Garlic As a Hair Loss Remedy – Hair Loss Treatment

Hair functions to protect the skin and to help maintain the body’s temperature balance. Hair growth is a cyclic process that depends on where the hair is located, the person’s age, family history, nutritional status, and environmental factors.[1] There are many ways to help hair loss, including the use of garlic. Follow a few simple steps to help combat hair loss with garlic.

Step 1: Juice the garlic.

Step 2: Make a honey mixture.

Step 3: Brew chamomile tea.

Step 4: Finish the salve.

Step 5: Use the salve.

Step 6: Wash your hair.

Step 7: Finish the cycle.

Step 8: Use other garlic remedies.

Step 9: Eat protein for hair growth.

Step 10: Consume more B vitamins.

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