These women slay all day with their short haircuts and show the world that there is more than one way to define beauty.
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For anyone raised on Rapunzel or fairy princesses, long hair was likely the epitome of beauty and femininity. That aesthetic is also consistent with our culture, which usually equates short hair to masculinity. Although we’ve come a long way in terms of accommodating different types of femininity, long hair seems to still be the ultimate femme feature. So, for any woman who chooses to wear her hair short, it’s definitely a statement.

Take, for example, Mila Myles who is a self-identified queer woman who wears her hair short. As an artist, she uses mediums like film and poetry to emulate her experience as a short-haired woman in the queer community.

“When it comes to short hair and women, people only talk about androgyny and masculinity, but in the heteronormative way about feminine or straight women. And I feel like all the straight boys wear queer girl haircuts within a couple of months.”  Myles joked.

Artist Meredith Miotke was also met with different reactions when she decided to cut her hair, even though she said she felt excited and empowered by her decision.

She explained. “A lot of people ask me why and sometimes it seems kinda confrontational it’s just — I cut off my hair, it’s not a big deal.”

Whether you choose to keep your hair long or short, there isn’t one single way to express femininity — and more aesthetics are being embraced all the time.

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