It’s not often I’m wrong but when I am, I own up to it and admit it. Ten years ago in 2007 the first low level laser therapy device for hair growth received FDA 510(K) clearance and the market went crazy. I however didn’t think it was real and I was one of the loudest critics for quite a while, even having gotten into debates with a few doctors about the issue with one common denominator. No one could explain to me how LLLT supposedly works for balding individuals.. The photos didn’t help either as it seemed pretty difficult to find photos that were consistent, taken without flash photography and with every detail between before and after as close as possible.

Since I’ve been traveling the world visiting clinics I’ve seen more evidence about the efficacy of LLLT than I imagined I’d see but since I have I’ve come to understand that we don’t always have to understand how something works to take advantage of it.

LLLT isn’t as strong of a solution as medical therapy and it certainly isn’t as good as surgery but it does seem to have varying levels of success. Ironically it appears that the better your hair is when you start it the better it works but there are plenty of people with diffused loss, particularly women, that do get a benefit from it.

Trust me, I’m not exactly writing this, nor did I record the video, with a lot of excitement because it still feels weird to admit it but it is what it is. Laser hair therapy works.

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