What are the most common causes of itchy scalp? the first thing we always think about is a mild case of dandruff, which is nothing but over growth of the normal fungi it live in your scalp and they have g irritated the scalp area and do it is very easy for us to jump to the diagnosis that I have dandruff because i have itchy scalp. The other causes of itchy scalp may be you have overused shampoos or frequently on your scalp which dried out the scalp and that is causing the itching on scalp. There are lots of shampoo which contain ingredients if not washed off thoroughly they can actually cause irritation of the scalp and this resembles very much like dandruff because it cause flicking of the scalp as well. The second reason could be any chemical tree such as hair colouring, hair straightening or even doing a treatment like a rebounding, when we do any of this treatment chemicals which are used to treat itself irritate the scalp and they can cause this kind of irritation. The third and very common is a lot of people use hair oil and massage the scalp, sometimes these hair oils come with perfume preservatives which could be again irritating. The most important thing is look at what you been doing for the last few days have you started a new shampoo or have you used in your hair oil or have you coloured your hair, if so avoid all these things and then use a very gentle pH balance shampoo which will be able to sooth your scalp, in spite of this i does not decrease then it might be worthwhile to try ketoconazole containing shampoo and apply for a few days and see if you’re getting an improvement and still not better than its time to see a dermatologist who can identify what is the root cause of this problem.

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