This video is an introduction to Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) as a solution for women’s hair loss and thinning.

Topics Discussed:
What is Scalp Micropigmention (SMP)? 0:09
SMP specifically for female clients 1:19
Is SMP permanent? 2:10
Longevity of the tattoo 2:35
How does SMP fade? 2:50
How many session does the full procedure take? 4:05
Is it painful? 4:47

I am an SMP artist working out of Ink Barber in Langley, BC Canada who specializes in restoring women’s hairlines and density.

Instagram: @tinypokes
Facebook: Mackenzie Riach Micropigmentation

*All video images are of my work with the exception of the bald male head, which was done by my mentor, Shannon.

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