Why Do Black Women have Thinning Edges or Balding Edges? This is the question we will address.

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Black Women are experiencing hair loss or thinning edges as early as 6 yrs old and 16yrs old. This is due to a multitude of issues.
-Bad Styling Habits
-Excessive Heat
-Poor Diet (More Green Vegetables, Half Gallon Water, Fruit)
-High Levels of Stress
In addition to the issues mentioned above. When you have corrected those issues you want to use a product like BeanStalk Hair Loss Treatment on your Thinning Edges to regrow them in 2 Weeks.
With hair growth this fast you should understand that the human hair growth process is in 3 cycles.
-Anagen phase
The anagen phase is known as the growth phase.The longer the hair stays in the anagen phase, the longer it will grow.

-Catagen phase – Your Thinning Edges will typically be in this phase before using BeanStalk Hair Growth Infusion Oil. This is the reason when you will experience WILD SHEDDING. Your hair around your balding edges is transitioning to the GROWTH PHASE
The catagen phase, also known as the transitional phase, allows the follicle to, in a sense, renew itself. During this time, which lasts about two weeks, the hair follicle shrinks due to disintegration and the papilla detaches and “rests,” cutting the hair strand off from its nourishing blood supply.

-Telogen phase
During the telogen or resting phase the follicle remains dormant anywhere from 1–4 months. Ten to fifteen percent of the hairs on one’s head are in this phase of growth at any given time.

BeanStalk helps Black Women to regrow their thinning edges using herbs and information to help black women balance out their lives and releave stress. This boost in confidence lowers the stress levels and allows balding edges to regrow faster.

BeanStalk Infusion: Regrows Your "Edges" and "Thinning" Areas 2 Weeks








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