Treatments for Hair Loss in Women – Microneedle Therapy on Long Hair


The Microneedle Therapy is an essential step to preparing the scalp for effective absorption of Natural Hair Loss Treatments. Topical Hair Loss Treatments need to reach the target sit of the hair bulb and hair cell to have the desired corrective effect for hair cycle problems, hair shaft structure concerns, hair thinning, hair loss and pattern thinning related to dihydrotestosterone. Depending on your individual diagnosis, Microneedle Therapy may be required to be applied all over the scalp or for pattern thinning related to DHT dihydrotestosterone only in the treatment area of female pattern thinning and male pattern thinning or in specific locations such as with Alopecia Areata or Trichotillomania. Microneedle Therapy is NOT recommended to use where the scalp skin is broken, irritated or inflamed such as can happen with some scalp conditions.
Whatever your hair loss treatment regime or reason for Natural Hair Loss Treatments the application of the microneedle in the following order will always enhance your topical Natural Hair Loss Treatments absorption:
• Scalp Brush Therapy
• Scalp Cleanser
• Scalp Tonique
• Microneedle Therapy
• Topical Hair Loss Treatments
Microneedle therapy creates tiny micro channels from the scalp epidermis to the dermis where the hair bulb resides. These tiny micro channels created by the safe acupuncture like needles of only 0.75mm also create a natural injury reaction that assists with cellular correction that enhances natural hair loss treatments.
This video is intended to demonstrate how you can easily apply Microneedle Therapy on longer hair, how to section the hair and the options to find the right direction for you without creating tangles or getting your hair caught up in the Microneedle.
Hope this information and video were useful to you. If you would like a specific topic covered please email and remember correct diagnosis is the key to successful hair loss treatments. Microscopic diagnosis sessions are available at Absolique Hair Health Clinic Brisbane and Sydney (Hornsby) or via email to arrange imaging and information to conduct Skype and phone consultations.

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