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An ampoule treatment that uses two different active ingredients to tackle hereditary, hormonal, temporary or diffuse hair loss caused by genetics, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, medication, stress and hormone disorders. Proteins, vitamins, peptides and trace elements may increase the supply of nutrients to the hair bulb thereby, optimizing hair quality, stability and growth. La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium is clinically proven to reduce hair loss by more than 33% after two months treatment.

Treatments for Hair Loss with Ampoule Hair Vitamin:

• Hair loss can be triggered by many different factors
• Genetic predisposition
• Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) related to pattern thinning
• Premature aging of the hair follicle caused by free radicals
• Poor scalp circulation and scalp disorders
• Nutritional deficiencies
• Medication, stress or medication induced weakened hair

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium can help. The Complexe regenerant inhibits the formation of dihydrotestosterone and creates a lasting improvement in the anagen/telegen ratio of the hair cycle. This results in stronger hair follicles (+146%). It also actively promotes the hair’s natural protect and repair mechanisms increasing them by up to 189%, which leads to the slowing of the potentially damaging effect to the hair follicle. Hair growth can increase by 121%.

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium helps to reduce temporary, patchy and hereditary hair loss and hair thinning and the energy output of the hair forming cells is improved consequently so is the quality, stability and body of the hair. You will receive 10 (10ml) ampoules of La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium which will deliver 20 treatments best applied once a week. How To Apply – Always prepare the scalp; Scalp Brush Therapy, Scalp Cleansing, Scalp Tonique, Scalp Microneedle Therapy then apply the ampoule liquid product to the scalp by parting the wet hair. Apply the contents of ½ an ampoule every week. Seal and refrigerate open ampoule.

La Biosthetique BIO-FANELAN REGENERANT PREMIUM AMPOULES – Intensive Anti Hair Loss Treatment with regenerative results $175 for 10 Ampoules from Absolique Hair Health Clinic

Note from Trichologist; this product is proven and I have worked with it successfully for at least 6 years now and documented the results always in combination therapy. I underwent many meetings and training seminars with this company who provide a compendium that includes ingredients and actives. I was impressed with the safety and effectiveness of this product so included it in my in clinic and homecare hair loss treatments regime for clients.

From the recently changed laws in Europe this French company along with all others were ordered to disclose not only the active ingredients but all of the ingredients. With this new openness I realized much to my surprise that this amazing product contains 1 ingredient I avoid; Propylene Glycol. Disappointed by this revelation I have since been working on producing a topical hair vitamin that contains no harmful ingredients and will be easier to apply.

Product development takes time and patients so please stay with what we know for now and believe that we are using antioxidants to protect from this 1 harmful ingredient and you will still get the results we have seen from our proven combination therapy hair loss treatments.
We will keep you informed on our product development which is in the final stages now :o)))

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