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In this hairstyle tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to do, 10 easy or lazy ways to curl your hair for short, medium or long hair lengths.(OPEN this for more info)
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β˜… Last week’s back to school hairstyles – https://youtu.be/piPXq85-Hq4

If you want a FULL tutorial on a particular curling method, leave me a comment below! I thought most of you guys already knew these, so I sped through them. It’s still nice seeing all of our “curly” options in 1 video though! πŸ˜€


BLOW PRO Wave Maker – http://fave.co/2cd5y72

Altera Kendi Dry Oil – http://fave.co/2cy19i6

BioSilk hair serum – http://fave.co/2cy11zk

In this step by step hair tutorial, I’m going to show you 10 quick and easy way to curl or create beachy waves on your hair at home home for school, work, or for a formal occasion; prom, homecoming, wedding.

All of the curly hairstyles in this tutorial can be done on straight, naturally curly, or on layered hair.

1. how to curl your hair with BLOW PRO Wave Maker to create vintage, classic curls or waves.
2. how to curl your hair to get beachy curls or waves.
3. how to get barely-there waves, or LOB waves with a curling iron.
4. how to get flat iron curls/waves with a curling wand.
5. how to curl your hair in 5 minutes using the lazy ponytail curling method.
6. how to curl your hair to make it look like a blow out.
7. how to curl your bangs.
8. how to get beachy lob waves with a curling iron.

… many more!


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