Amazing beauty hacks to turn your life around

In this video, we wanted to share with you some natural hair and skincare tips and tricks that will help you boost your overall beauty and give you awesome glowy skin.

– You can naturally dye your hair red using beetroot juice and olive oil for those times that you are looking for a new hair look.
– You can create your own brow powder simply by burning the end of almond and then applying it on your eyebrows using a makeup brush.
– To get rid of scars on your skin you can mix some honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon juice. You apply the mixture on your scar for 20 minutes and you’ll see the scars disappearing within a week.
– We also show you how you can create your own lip moisturizer using some eyeshadow and castor oil.
– You can clean your eyelash curler simply by burning the end of it and then wiping it off with some tissue paper.
– To bring your false lashes back to life, place them in some micellar water and then comb them through using a mascara wand.

0:07 – Natural beauty tips
1:04 – DIY brow powder
2:36 – DIY tinted lip moisturizer
4:45 – How to clean your blow dryer
6:00 – How to clean your makeup bag
7:06 – Cool hacks using lemons
8:19 – How to whiten your teeth at home
9:50 – Face yoga exercises
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