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Hair Loss Treatments do work and you can re-grow hair. The most important thing to understand is exactly what you are treating, hair loss or hair thinning? Then you need to understand the causes to choose the right hair loss treatments that work for your individual hair loss or hair thinning problem.

Minoxidil is a commonly used active ingredient in topical hair loss treatments and is prescribed and used for many types of hair loss. The fact is Minoxidil was originally a blood pressure tablet and it was found to reduce the constriction of the blood supply caused by the buildup of DHT Dihydrotestosterone related to Female Pattern Thinning and Male Pattern Thinning which is not actually hair loss.

The problem is that Minoxidil does not stop the cause of hair thinning which is DHT building up, it only relives the pressure, so if you use Minoxidil alone for Hair Loss Treatments you will end up with leaky bucket syndrome, as much as you are moving the constriction of DHT away it is building up around the hair bulb just as quick, so limited results are achieved and when you finally decide you have had enough and you stop using it, guess what happens, the DHT continues to constrict the hair bulb and the hair thinning will continue.

The responsible way to use Hair Loss Treatments that work with Minoxidil is to find a natural DHT inhibitor and use that in combination with antioxidants as supplements and take them in a pH balanced body environment. This way you are stopping any further buildup of DHT whilst moving the constriction away with Hair loss Treatments That Work.

Hair Loss Treatments That Work — Combination Therapy:
• Don’t use chemical formulas of Minoxidil that include any harmful chemical ingredients such as propylene glycol
• Never apply Minoxidil more than once every second day
• Always do scalp preparation when using safe formulas of Minoxidil such as Re-Stim Plus
• Use a natural DHT inhibitor in a pH alkaline environment
• Understand where your DHT trigger came from, hereditary, hormonal or environmental and protect or address the exposure by means of removal or protection
• Understand combination therapy is always deliver the best results and are proven hair loss treatments that work

To find out more about safe formulas of Minoxidil, Hair Loss Treatments That Work, antioxidants, pH testing and alkalising or simply to check or track your hair health, contact Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic on 07 3229 3242 or email

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  1. Juniversal

    February 17, 2019 at 8:55 am

    Love your videos. Much of what you say is unconventional. Never heard that you can use minoxidil once every other day and maintain it's effectiveness. Also the idea that you can be weaned off of minoxidil is a new one. The popular idea is that you'll lose the hairs minoxidil re-grew, even when using a DHT blocker. Really wish I could visit your clinic but unfortunately I live in the U.S. lol…


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