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Permanent hair straightening is a chemical service that requires knowledge of the hair structure and the changes to the hair structure that take place when in need of hair loss treatments.

Each hair strand in made up of many layers. The core centre is the cortex and is where the changes required for successful hair straightening take place. The disulphide bonds are located in the cortex, and it is the successful disconnection and reconnection of these bonds that can reform curly hair to straight hair, when the cortex is intact.

Hair loss treatments may be due to hair thinning that can take place after diffuse hair loss. Hair thinning results from thinner than normal hair strands growing in place of your genetic hair type. When this occurs the hair strand loses some of the layers that make your hair strong. One of the main layers affected is the cortex.

These days most people turning to hair straightening are describing frizzy hair that they have not had all their lives or that the beautiful curly hair has lost its curl. If the hair has changed from its original hair type it is not normal. If the hair has changed and there is no obvious reason why, you can bet you have hair strand thinning and your cortex is no longer developing.

Using chemical or keratin coating hair straightening on hair strands that have no cortex or cuticle will only result in disaster and hair breakage. This type of hair strand thinning can only be diagnosed by a hair specialist with a microscope; your hairdresser cannot see this and has no way of knowing that your hair strand may not have all the essential layers.

Another cause of hair strand thinning is Female Pattern Thinning from DHT. This only occurs in the recessions, front, top, side and crown of the head. The thinning hairs in effected area transition gradually from grown up terminal hairs with all the essential layers to baby vellus hairs with no structure. Curly hair affected by this will most definitely turn to frizz and the worst thing you can do is any hair straightening unless it is completely understood by your hair straightening specialist.

Moral of the story, if in doubt consult a hair specialist ‘Trichologist’ who uses a microscope to check the health of your hair strands before embarking on any hair straightening that will damage your hair if the hair strand layers are not intact, including and keratin smoothing hair treatments.

Yours in hair health, hair loss treatments and safe hair straightening,
Carolyn Evans I.A.T. Trichologist, Absolique Hair Health Clinic

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