Are you looking for a new hair color that is particularly eye-catching and attracts attention to you? The mahogany hair color with its different red brown nuances is perfect for this and represents a beautiful styling idea for the upcoming autumn . In the article you will find interesting information about the hair color mahogany, its proper care and combination with make-up and outfits.
Where does the mahogany hair color come from?

The mahogany hair color is named after the homonymous wood, which is distinguished by a glossy surface and lively nuances. This kind of wood looks stylish and is especially used in the production of high-quality furniture and is highly appreciated. Mahogany color for the hair represents a combination of dark and light nuances and looks beautiful also with different hair length.
Mahogany hair color combination of brown, red and black

If you want to dye the hair in a dark tone, but can not decide for a single hair color, then mahogany is a possible option. It is a mixture of black, brown and red tones, which together create a beautiful color, which appears in different nuances.
Mahogany hair color and the different nuances

Like any other hair color you can find mahogany in different nuances. If the proportion of red tones is greater, then one speaks for light mahogany, which is more like the hair color copper. Darker tones look like chestnut brown with dark red or violet shimmer.
To whom does the mahogany hair color stand?

The trendy hair color is suitable for women with all facial shapes but does not combine with a rosy skin and facial color. Mahogany is particularly beautiful with bright skin, because it forms a nice contrast to the hair color.
Hair color mahogany for women with green eyes

Women with green eyes should consider a hair dyeing in mahogany necessarily, since this combination brings out the hair and eye color at the same time. The reason is that red and green are complementary colors and intensify each other.
Make brunette hair more conspicuous

If you want to make your boring brown hair more striking, then you should not necessarily completely change the hair color. With mahogany, you can create a somewhat extravagant look, without the hair too obtrusive.
Hair mahogany coloring – what is to be considered

Let the hair color mahogany, then its natural color is of little importance. Since this color is rather dark, it quickly covers the previous hair color. If, however, you have strongly blond hair, then you should be careful. In such a case, your hair color may be orange instead of mahogany. Ask your hairdresser before hair coloring to avoid an undesirable effect.
Mahogany hair color correctly combine

Mahogany hair color for an extravagant look

The mahogany hair color is mostly chosen by women who have a strong personality and stand with both legs in life. Every hairstyle looks high in this color and speaks for elegance and a bit of extravagance.
Mahogany hair need care

As with red hair, an appropriate hair care is required. The brighter the nuance of the hair color, the more time it takes care. The red pigments in the color are sensitive to light and bleach through the sunlight. Therefore, hair with red nuances require mandatory UV protection, especially in summer.
Helpful tips for the popular hair color
Mahogany hair color with henna

Also with henna you can get the mahogany hair color, in a natural way. Henna as a plant color is gentle to the hair and the scalp and produces a healthy hair splendor without chemistry.
Mahogany – a luxury color that radiates self-awareness

Makeup tips on mahogany hair with red shimmer

Decent make-up suits to mahogany hair color

Red-brown hair is perfectly complemented by a subtle make-up. A cream foundation can be dispensed by women with a light facial color, only one powder is enough for them. For the cheeks a rouge in natural tones, which achieve a radiant complexion. The eyelash tint is also a must to create a magnetic look.
Hairstyles for mahogany hair color

The mahogany hair look noble and attractive with different hair lengths and hairstyles. Whether it’s smooth, curly, short or long hair, her hairstyle always speaks for elegance and style. For curls with several nuances curls and waves are perfect. Smooth hair looks more beautiful with a uniform color without strands.
Styling ideas for plug-ins

Also hairstyles for special occasions look good in mahogany hair color. Plug-on or non-braided haircutting is a good decision for weddings and is complemented by a suitable make-up.
Red-brown hair with stepped hair

A step cut shows the mahogany hair color and fits well with women with angular facial shape. A stepped bob or a long-haired hair with shorter steps at the level of the cheeks make the face look rounder and emphasize the cheekbones.

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